My Lit Weekend

I had one of the busiest weekend of my life, my Friday was dedicated to a high school friend;  we chilled and had a few drinks at #VintageCorner (A pub in Attradgeville, Pretoria), where a few drinks turned into a serious turn up till five in the morning Knowing very well I had to be ready by 10:00am  on Saturday for my Plus Size Audition for a company called #PlusFab.

Which was a very fun and learning experience, even though I did not make it, I learnt that I actually have the potential to be a plus size model, and that, there is a lot of good people out there, everyone was looking out for each other,  even though we were all in competition; we were all eager to help each other,  and calm each others nerves. After spending my whole day there, I went home, changed and went to a pool party in Midrand with old friends.

The party was so lit I regrettably couldn’t wake up for church on Sunday. Although later that night I went To the Soul Sessions (Where they play soulful music for the whole night, and came back Monday at 03:30am. I can never say that this weekend was chilled, it was too awesome.

So cheers to Good people, fun experiences and Lit Memories.


The top pictures were for my audition’s portfolio, and the bottom two are from Saturday at the pool party and Sunday night at the Soul Sessions.


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