Being a Celeb: No Privacy

Being a celebrity is not fun when all your dirty laundry is aired out in the open, for everyone to see, fame is great to have but it really is not great to handle. South Africa is so fortunate for not having a large demand for tabloid news. Yes, celebrities do sometimes have their private lives being expressed in public, but it has not been as a culture as it is in the US.

The problem is that deciding to become famous is a decision that a person makes knowing exactly what to expect when it comes to the limitation of their privacy. artists such as Sindi Dlathu who have they private live completely non existent from the media are fortunate, and one can wonder how do they achieve that, how do they buy this silence? How do they keep it silent?

Looking at Buyile Mdladla who played the role of Lungile Mabena, who was a men that left Queen Moroka, and took all of money in generations. This situation was said to be what happened in real life in the Drum Magazine, and it was what he did to his wife; in real life, which was not true, and they later, published another article about his marriage to his ex wife, this article ruined his reputation and led him to trouble when it came to him finding jobs with other productions. And also made him loose his role as the face of Outsurance.

This was very unfortunate for his life and very unfair as these were just manipulative sabotages, from an angry ex wife. It is said that a journalist would be so desperate for a story to take part in such.

But in the situation of the president it is really arguable if it is fair or unfair for his life to be aired out like that, but fact remains he is does work for the people, therefore people do have the right to know what president npresident Zuma is doing with his life. As he is of public interest, but for a man like Mbuyile it is very unfair when the bad publicity, affects whether or not you will have money for bread on the next day.

I believe that being of public interest should only justify when the action of a famous individual have a influence on the community not just for information.

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Buyile’s wife: My marriage of hell—now-mdladla-doesn-t-pay



RIP Mmamokete

This is a very sad and emotional week for Rhythm City Fans like me, as we say good bye to one of the most talented and entertaining Mothers In South Africa Mmamokete, who is played by the brilliant legend actor Connie Chiume.

Connie Chiume is a South African actress known for her starring role as Mamokete Khuse, an upstanding and moral woman who is everyone’s mother, in the soapie Rhythm City. She has been gracing our screens on e TV for nine years now, yet it is so difficult for us the fans to accept that she has to leave. And it is humbling to learn that she is also not ready to say Good Bye.

I personally began watching Rhythm City from the very first airing and fell in love with it since then. Mamokete was one of my favourite characters, she reminded me a lot of my grandmother, and recently only enjoyed Rhythm City if the story line was surrounding her and the Khuses.

It is very emotional for me to see her leave especially, since I did not see it coming I will always remember her humility, and compassion, and hope I will be just as community leader as she was in my future.

Connie Chiume has been in the industry for years, she has been in theatre, films and in other Dramas such as Zone 14 and Soul City. But it is only on Rhythm City where most the audience grew to love her.

In the video below she is very emotional as she was shooting her last and final scene, she even admits that, “it is very hard to say good bye” and she cannot say that it is a joyful moment. She also expresses how she feels as if she is saying good bye to her second family. Which I believe because I felt like I was saying good bye to my biological grandmother, it is Ironic how we fall in love with people don’t know nor even met, but because we have seen them on our screens for so long, we become so attached and think they would never leave just as we sometimes do with our grand parents

Mmamokete’s death was like a death of a family member as she has left a scar in my heart.

RIP Mmamokete

Thank You Mme Connie Chiume for being so brilliant and giving us such a wonderful leader. Good luck for your plans and God Bless You.


Will my life ever get back to normal? I was never big on series but OMG, now my life is incomplete without a series, it all began in 2013 when I first came across Suits, i binged on three full seasons in a week, I couldn’t believe that I never cared for hanging with my friends, all I wanted to do was to sit and watch, it is really cool being invited into a whole new world, and just feel as great, Intelligent, powerful, manipulative and achieving as Harvey Spectra and Micheal Ross. My life changed ever since.

There were some real life predicaments where I would apply some of their basic, easy tactics to get out of them, it was really fun but the problem is that I had forgotten to live, all I wanted to do was to eat and watch my series, but this was not healthy for me as I am a student, but it did work well during the holidays, the sad thing was that life was happening around me and I was not part of it, it was sad when I missed a cousin’s wedding all because I wanted to see what Harvey was going to do next.

But truth is this year, How To Get Away With murder, The Royals, Empire, Power and Devious Maids, have made me be so much more fascinated with life, by showing me how to think outside of the box, know who the real people are around me, be aware of my surroundings, and most importantly trust no one.

The basic truth is that,  series is not all bad, they do teach us about how to become better human beings, how to handle situations in life, by understanding different personalities, and how to manage them in a way that doesn’t harm you, or the next person, but yet again life will always surprise you.

So, dear series; please do continue to inspire, teach and entertain my life, But I will try to live more so that I can apply the lessons  you teach me in real life, and not just and watch, and do nothing with the knowledge that it adds to my life.

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Are Women More Important When They Objectify Themselves?

Women in the industry are more diverse than they were in the past, women of today have many different roles and they have become the most communicated sex in the entertainment business. The question is… ‘Are they more important when they objectify themselves’?

It can be said that the media today is giving more focus on woman who have no significance, women who are defined by who they are “dating”, “engaged too”, or “who they have a baby with”. These are the options of role models that are being given to younger children, when I hang around my younger cousins I you hear them talk about is the likes of Amber Rose, Black China and  Kim Kardashian, I doubt they even know who Angelina Jolie or Oprah Winfrey is. I hear them talking about how they want to be like Kim or Amber Rose, how they also want to be famous just because they are beautiful, just because they have a big ass or just because they are dating a certain celebrity. Thus vanity is of importance and not a woman’s true essence.

This is a problem because, it is as if women are  going back in time, from being finally acknowledged and respected to being objectified and given meaning only by who her men is. Women like Angelina Jolie and their actions need to be more communicated to the masses in order to give the women of the future a chance of choosing the correct role model, a women of significance, known for her award winning acting, thus hard working, a women who is compassionate and kind, and a woman who has been married to her first husband for a long time, have her own children and adopt more on top of that.

A woman that is making a difference with the freedom, respect and acknowledgement she has; because women in history fought long and hard for it. Not a women that is only defined by beauty like Picasso’s paintings. It is important that media sees these women as news worthy, show preference to them more. It is now time for women in media communication to start changing the direction of  the meaning of women back into the 1600s. Angelina and Oprah Winfrey are not the only true women, they are a lot more, if only we could get chance to hear more about them.

I prefer my ‘Role Model’ to be a true women rather than a objectified fairy tail.


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