Are Women More Important When They Objectify Themselves?

Women in the industry are more diverse than they were in the past, women of today have many different roles and they have become the most communicated sex in the entertainment business. The question is… ‘Are they more important when they objectify themselves’?

It can be said that the media today is giving more focus on woman who have no significance, women who are defined by who they are “dating”, “engaged too”, or “who they have a baby with”. These are the options of role models that are being given to younger children, when I hang around my younger cousins I you hear them talk about is the likes of Amber Rose, Black China and  Kim Kardashian, I doubt they even know who Angelina Jolie or Oprah Winfrey is. I hear them talking about how they want to be like Kim or Amber Rose, how they also want to be famous just because they are beautiful, just because they have a big ass or just because they are dating a certain celebrity. Thus vanity is of importance and not a woman’s true essence.

This is a problem because, it is as if women are  going back in time, from being finally acknowledged and respected to being objectified and given meaning only by who her men is. Women like Angelina Jolie and their actions need to be more communicated to the masses in order to give the women of the future a chance of choosing the correct role model, a women of significance, known for her award winning acting, thus hard working, a women who is compassionate and kind, and a woman who has been married to her first husband for a long time, have her own children and adopt more on top of that.

A woman that is making a difference with the freedom, respect and acknowledgement she has; because women in history fought long and hard for it. Not a women that is only defined by beauty like Picasso’s paintings. It is important that media sees these women as news worthy, show preference to them more. It is now time for women in media communication to start changing the direction of  the meaning of women back into the 1600s. Angelina and Oprah Winfrey are not the only true women, they are a lot more, if only we could get chance to hear more about them.

I prefer my ‘Role Model’ to be a true women rather than a objectified fairy tail.


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