RIP Mmamokete

This is a very sad and emotional week for Rhythm City Fans like me, as we say good bye to one of the most talented and entertaining Mothers In South Africa Mmamokete, who is played by the brilliant legend actor Connie Chiume.

Connie Chiume is a South African actress known for her starring role as Mamokete Khuse, an upstanding and moral woman who is everyone’s mother, in the soapie Rhythm City. She has been gracing our screens on e TV for nine years now, yet it is so difficult for us the fans to accept that she has to leave. And it is humbling to learn that she is also not ready to say Good Bye.

I personally began watching Rhythm City from the very first airing and fell in love with it since then. Mamokete was one of my favourite characters, she reminded me a lot of my grandmother, and recently only enjoyed Rhythm City if the story line was surrounding her and the Khuses.

It is very emotional for me to see her leave especially, since I did not see it coming I will always remember her humility, and compassion, and hope I will be just as community leader as she was in my future.

Connie Chiume has been in the industry for years, she has been in theatre, films and in other Dramas such as Zone 14 and Soul City. But it is only on Rhythm City where most the audience grew to love her.

In the video below she is very emotional as she was shooting her last and final scene, she even admits that, “it is very hard to say good bye” and she cannot say that it is a joyful moment. She also expresses how she feels as if she is saying good bye to her second family. Which I believe because I felt like I was saying good bye to my biological grandmother, it is Ironic how we fall in love with people don’t know nor even met, but because we have seen them on our screens for so long, we become so attached and think they would never leave just as we sometimes do with our grand parents

Mmamokete’s death was like a death of a family member as she has left a scar in my heart.

RIP Mmamokete

Thank You Mme Connie Chiume for being so brilliant and giving us such a wonderful leader. Good luck for your plans and God Bless You.

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