Tiego The King of Dance

Tiego is a 19 year older dancer from Atteridgeville, he is passionate about his art, he is now making new moves in the entertainment industry. Tiego has loved dancing from a very young age and he is not willing to give it up any time soon. He has been a rising phoenix from the moment he began to dance, he has achieved so much and he is planning to do more than he has now.

He has been sponsored by Soviet Clothing company, performed at the FIFA fan fest in 2010, participated in SA’s Got Talent, been to the UK, Portugal, Croatia, and many other countries. hes also achieved other things. Dance his is first love and now he is branching into other spheres such as acting, and brand promoting.

His biggest inspiration is the Queen herself Beyonce and he wishes to share a stage with her one day. Tiego believes in dreaming big, which is why he has achieved  so much already, he is ambitious and works hard to make sure that he achieves his dreams.

He is one of the most talented people in SA to look out for in the future as his plans for his are not those of this earth and at the rate that he is going, he is bound to achieve what ever he sets his mind to.

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#The Westbrooks: Family Rules

The west brooks is a group of four sisters ,India Westbrooks (19) , Crystal (21), Bree (22), Morgan (25) and Brooke (27); have taken the social media world by storm! Led by India, the baby of the family who’s become just as famous for her stunning looks as she has. The sister have 2 million fans online. Unfortunately, the Westbrooks girls also have their fair share of haters. Most of the hate is directed at India, who’s aloof persona causes fans to both love and despise her (BET Staff, 2015).

The sisters spend their days chronicling their lives by posting pictures throughout the day. Anyone might think that that is exhausting, but not for the four beautiful sisters, each beautiful in their own way. These sisters have very different personalities, as any combination of siblings, they tend to clash, but in the end they always make sure that their relationship never changes.

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In the first season, the viewers get an insight of each individual sister, we get to know what exactly the Westbrooks are all about. India is more of an island, always posting pictures, all she wants to do is be a model and nothing more, where as crystal is the more sweeter sister who is trying to pursue a career in acting, while she is in varisty. Bree is chasing her career as plus size model and is in love with the father of her baby that is loved by her parents, whereas Brook is the sister with 3 kids and a baby daddy that is not the ideal man for her according to her family, and Morgan is the cool, sister that has a little tomboyish personality, and she is pursuing her career in music, while promoting brands.

The Westbrooks are seen as the black version of the Kardishians only with not that much money the Kardashians have. They might have a fair share of haters, but truth is they are a truly interesting family, they are entertaining and fun to watch. Their family values are really strong and they have a lot to teach those who never got the opportunity of belonging to such a big family, that after all the fighting, crying and hurt, family is all that matters, which is a value they share with the Kardashians.

Truth is what I have learnt from these families is that family, supports each other no matter what, and in order to succeed as an individual, one has to make sure that the rest of the family is also succeeding in what ever they are doing.

Facebook and Birthdays #MAYBABY


On the third of May I celebrated my Birthday I must say it was a really amazing day, I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed my birthday, without necessarily going out, but just having a chilled day at home.

The biggest contributor to my enjoyment was Facebook, all the wishes I received meant a lot to me, especially those that came from long lost friends. from the likes on my pictures and the fun video I uploaded on Instagram.it felt amazing to be loved, people posting about how special I am to them and how they appreciate me. I really felt like a celebrity or even a Queen and wished that, that was what I woke up to everyday.

Facebook is the best thing ever invented because it gives people a chance to feel special on days like this, and this in no effort uplifts the self-esteem of any individual.  Thus social networks are not all bad, there is also a greater good than just connecting people, or just sharing information, they also serve as a platform of allowing people to make other individuals happy.

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Lady Zamar: Mother of Melodies

Laddy Zamar is vocalist, song writer and entrepreneur, she is from a small township in Pretoria called Mamelodi which means mother of melodies. Her most trending song is Mother of Melodies which is her actual claim to fame in the SA music industry, she features her producers Junior Taurus and Odyssey in the song, who produces most of her current music.

Lady Zamar has worked with many house producers, and has her own kind of style in house music. Her lyrics are those of R&B and I must say her music touches many hearts. She is one of the few artists that produce real music, moves a person’s emotions. Her music is not just singalongs but music that tells a story, it takes a person to certain place.

Her love songs make a person mesmerize, it makes a person want to fall in love, or feel the emotion of being a break up, also it gives an experience of her life, in a way that you feel as if you know her. I’m so in love with her music, I feel its the kind of music that my grandfather would listen too, and call it good music.

I feel that she is one of the few artists that were blessed with the talent of music such as Whitney Houston. She is one of the few that make music that is timeless, and the best part is that she writes her own music, one would ask what is it about the men she meets, that inspire her so much.

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Lady Zamar to me is the Mother of Melodies, she writes true music with melodies that are out of this world, and I feel like she deserves a whole lot more recognition. I believe that she is going to achieve bigger things in her career, and she is going to blow up into a bigger star, I’m waiting till she gets in the write management that will build her career. She is truly from Mamelodi