Facebook and Birthdays #MAYBABY


On the third of May I celebrated my Birthday I must say it was a really amazing day, I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed my birthday, without necessarily going out, but just having a chilled day at home.

The biggest contributor to my enjoyment was Facebook, all the wishes I received meant a lot to me, especially those that came from long lost friends. from the likes on my pictures and the fun video I uploaded on Instagram.it felt amazing to be loved, people posting about how special I am to them and how they appreciate me. I really felt like a celebrity or even a Queen and wished that, that was what I woke up to everyday.

Facebook is the best thing ever invented because it gives people a chance to feel special on days like this, and this in no effort uplifts the self-esteem of any individual.  Thus social networks are not all bad, there is also a greater good than just connecting people, or just sharing information, they also serve as a platform of allowing people to make other individuals happy.

Click here to view #InstaVideo

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