Tiego The King of Dance

Tiego is a 19 year older dancer from Atteridgeville, he is passionate about his art, he is now making new moves in the entertainment industry. Tiego has loved dancing from a very young age and he is not willing to give it up any time soon. He has been a rising phoenix from the moment he began to dance, he has achieved so much and he is planning to do more than he has now.

He has been sponsored by Soviet Clothing company, performed at the FIFA fan fest in 2010, participated in SA’s Got Talent, been to the UK, Portugal, Croatia, and many other countries. hes also achieved other things. Dance his is first love and now he is branching into other spheres such as acting, and brand promoting.

His biggest inspiration is the Queen herself Beyonce and he wishes to share a stage with her one day. Tiego believes in dreaming big, which is why he has achieved  so much already, he is ambitious and works hard to make sure that he achieves his dreams.

He is one of the most talented people in SA to look out for in the future as his plans for his are not those of this earth and at the rate that he is going, he is bound to achieve what ever he sets his mind to.

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