There is a Place For You: Dineo Moeketsi

On the 31st of May I attended a Women Empowerment Forum in campus, where four inspiring women came to mentor us. I must say I was so excited, because I was going to get advice from women who I look up to. This forum was realised by Rosanna Hall who is a member of the SRC and it was a success because we really enjoyed ourselves.

It was a real eye opening and liberating afternoon. I must say I left there with a clear idea about what I want for my Future. Refiloe Seseane inspired me to the point where I believe that I can become both  a corporate public relations practitioner and pursue my dream for the arts (acting, dancing, presenting, and maybe singing). As she has successfully accomplished this. All the Speakers left me with liberating thoughts and I thank God we have people like them who find satisfaction in not only establishing themselves, but also in establishing others.

Dineo Moeketsi was one of these women, although her presentation was inspiring, I was most liberated by what she said to me personally. I asked Dineo, “What advice would she give to someone who feels that they would never make it in the entertainment industry because, they don not look a certain way?” And She said to me, “Trust me; THERE IS A PLACE FOR YOU”. And in that moment those words changed something in me; they made me realise that I should never have fear because of what I think is the norm, but be confident in what I know is the offering. Because what I am offering is not just ordinary but rather unique.

In every industry there is something specific that is required, and in the entertainment industry; it is the ability to be unique in  your talent, and the ability to go and claim your place. Every individual has that uniqueness in them, and the more you are able to express that interesting part of yourself, the more people will take an interest in you. And this will lead  to you having designed a place for yourself where people will want to see more of you. And in that moment you have YOUR PLACE.

Therefore in any industry one has to show what they have got to offer in order for them to earn a place. It is not only what you have learned throughout whatever field you are studying for, but it is what you as an individual can do with that knowledge that no one else can do.

Know that when God puts you somewhere, it is because a place is already there for you, only you have to express that  talent that you have to offer in order to TAKE YOUR PLACE.

I am not following anyone’s foot steps but rather creating my own path.

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