Confessions of a Production Critic

It is my second week at home since my exams, all I do is wake up and watch TV, this is a problem because all that I do now is complain, complain and complain, about what I see it its not about how a certain actor is not doing a good job in their role,  I complain about how the editor did mistake in a certain scene, or how the editor could have done a better job.

Learning Broadcast Journalism has taught me so much when it comes to productions, but years of watching television have made a very good identifier of faulty work on screen, it helps me, when I plan what exactly I want in the future when it comes to my personal productions. And it has shown me that i can easily be a writer, director or editor, because i understand how the outline of a story should be like.

My broadcast lecturer in first year taught me that it is important to always make sure that I watch shows/films that are of good quality productions, he says this is the only way one can train their brain to create the most good quality productions. My most favorite production is Pirates of the Caribbean,    its not only the phenomenal actors I enjoy about these movies, but it is the imagery, scenery and how the music links with the whole picture.

These are the types of productions that inspire me, they make be able to think out of the box and, they make it easier for me to notice bad productions, what I have also learnt is that just because a movie is low budget, it does not mean that it has a bad quality production. Films such as The Seat Filler with Kelly Rowland, is a low budget movie, the lighting is bad in some of the scenes but I must say the overall production was very good, from the first act, the second act, the climax and the end of the movie, I even forgot that it was a low budget movie as I was watching.

When it comes to TV Isibaya takes the crown for me in productions, this is one of the leading soap/drama in South Africa, the producer knows exactly what he is doing, I’ve never been disappointed, even in the computerized scenes, I am fascinated, it gives Generations a run for its money, as it was the best produced soap in SA. If the two were to be played at the same time, people would prefer Isibaya more because of its creative and interesting writing.

South African movies I’m happy with will have to be Mr Bone’s & Mama Jack. Leon Schuster’s productions of a very satisfying and most interesting productions, both these movies did very well in their time, and are old classics that when you watch them today, one still enjoys, without indications that these are old movies.

My inspirations.

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