YDE Fashion is Worth Dying For


The Young Designers emporium, is one of the stores in South Africa that makes me be proud to be a South African, a business that firstly creates employment for South African designers, and Secondly takes the fashion of South Africans to new levels, where even international designers become interested into SA fashion.This is a company that is really worth  exploring, learning more about, and supporting.The clothes from these stores are praised by many, people who purchase from YDE truly know fashion. And women would kill each other for items from this store. As seen in this following video, of one of the naked sales, from 2013.

So what is YDE?

In 1995, Paul Simon (age 21) started the very popular Young Designers Emporium (YDE). The retail store for fashion designers soon grew to 13 stores across South Africa. Ten years later, he sold his company to Truworths International for an undisclosed sum of green, and with that, became one of the country’s most inspiring entrepreneurial success stories (Ventureburn)

YDE was conceptualised as a means to showcase the local talent of South Africa’s clothing, footwear and accessory designers. YDE is created for young, trendy customers of both sexes, and offers original, sexy, chic, expressive, edgy, and exclusive designer clothing and accessories to customers who follow both local and international trends, but who are individualists who do not conform to set, or pre-defined, standards (About YDE, 2016).

YDE opened its stores with only 10 designers and currently houses in excess of 80 local fashion designers who supply YDE outlets nationwide. The aim of its business is to showcase the latest in South African fashion design. YDE works with a pool of very talented young South African designers where 95% of their merchandise is locally made (About YDE, 2016).

The categories of merchandise available within YDE stores comprise of clothing, footwear, bags, accessories and jewellery (About YDE, 2016).

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The Young Designers Emporium (YDE) showcases South Africa’s young, cutting-edge fashion talent. As an agent, YDE markets the clothing and lifestyle products of emerging designers and suppliers. The unique trading formula of YDE provides an exciting platform for young designers to present their own labelled ranges in a branded space. The emporiums are aimed at fashion-forward customers aged 16 to 35 and offer clothing, shoes, bags and accessories (Truworths, 20143:4).

With an independant stand-alone store concept of 18 stores, its brand profile is that of young men and ladies from 16-35 years of age. It has R278 miilion agency sales, and a sales growth of 3%, there is no denying its success in the  South African clothing industry (Truworths, 2014:4).



The Effects/Threats of Technology on Marketing: YDE


Drucker, defines strategic marketing as a process that consists of analysing environments; the competitive and business factors that affect the corporation and its business units, identifying market opportunities and threats, forecasting future trends in business areas that are of interest to the enterprise. It is also setting objectives and formulating Corporate and business unit strategies. And it is selecting target market strategies for the product markets in each business units, establishing marketing objectives as well as developing, implementing and managing marketing program positioning strategies to meet the needs of the target market (Mongay, 2006:3).

Technological innovation originates in research and developments by both organisations and the state, results not only in new machinery or products but also in new processes, methods and even approaches to management, all of which bring about changes in the environment (Jooste, 2012:32).

Looking at the clothing industry of South Africa, the new technological methods to be considered are in terms of payment options for customers, being able to access their account information, anywhere online, and most importantly the convenience of shopping online.

YDE understands that their market involves customers who are busy, and do not have time to be going into the store to pay the accounts, so they give their customer five options in terms of method of payment; internet banking, debit order payments, ATM, cash desk in store (pay while shopping), and payment via post. With such a variety of methods to pay, it is safe to say that YDE customers have the choice to choose a payment method that best convenience their everyday lives (YDE Payment options, 2012).

YDE accounts can also be open online, therefore customers can go online to update their details, check their statements, and get information about what is new. This method saves money for YDE and is a good way to conserve the environment as, less paper is been sent to customers via mail, informing them of their balances etc.

The newest trend in South Africa is the convenience of being able to do shopping online. Today, South Africa’s online fashion space is largely dominated by the likes of Rocket Internet’s Zando, Superbalist, Spree of Naspers and long-standing retailers like Woolworths and Mr Price. Between one and two per cent of South African retail is done online, it might be bigger than 30% per year (Ventuburn).

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And truth of the matter is that its percentage is growing as more and more people are developing the culture to shop online. And this is a trend that YDE should start following. As most of their target market prefer online shopping.

The most recent technological trend, that is a threat to YDE is social media; people have established their own shops/ boutiques in the social media space, where they post items such as clothes, accessories and shoes online, that are chic, fashionable and appealing to the youth, for purchase, this market is growing as more and more young people are buying from these “social media stores”.

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YDE can turn this threat into an opportunity by having sales agents online, hiring young trending individuals to sell their products via social media, ensuring that specific designers are hired to tailor these items, so that there is a difference, that makes the social networks store have its own unique culture that attracts customers, knowing that, what they purchase from the sales agents, is not what they can purchase at any other YDE store.




All roads lead to Durban July 2016

The Fashion Was as always Out of the Box.

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This is an event where people come dressed up, only to watch a horse race where only a few participate in gambling in. This is the coolest weekend in Durban, most people come only for the party life and nothing more, the party line up starts from Friday right through till Sunday.

Celebrities are invited, only to come dressed up, take pictures, network, and just be at the event, commoners, buy the expensive ticket only to go and have the experience of feeling like a celebrity at the actual event. And the rich people come there to gamble on horse racing.

The other reason that other people come to the Durban July is to only criticize, who wore, what wrong, who should’ve just stayed at home, and those with beef use it a platform to compete by boasting about how much money they spent, which girl they came with and who’s bill they are paying for, who for me are people who never really enjoy the event.

This tradition and truth is there is nothing wrong with it, it is a culture we South Africans have adopted, and truth is, it hurts no one, it is like Christmas in July. I wish to attend tis event one day, it is a dream for me, and on that day it must be a matter of me being a celebrity invited to the Durban July, that would really be nice, and the plan is to obviously win best dressed.





Being Mary Jane: Fiction or Real

paleycentermediapresentspresentsexclusivetao7onofa_hxI’m on my last episode of Season 3 #BMJ I have enjoyed all three seasons, and as the plot gets deeper I’m so interested what is going to happen next, Being Mary Jane has been my daily bread lately, a series about, self acclaimed black American who works as a news anchor/journalist is a very interesting concept to work with.

Gabriela Union who plays Mary Jane is a very good actor and I feel like this role was specifically made for her, at some point I forget that Mary Jane is just not a real  women but just fiction, and Gabriela Union has her own life. But the way Mara Brock Akil (Writter of BMJ) has written this series, she has been so consistent, and never disappointing.

I’m Sure the cast are excited every day to walk in to the studio to shoot these episodes, I seriously cannot wait for Season four, I wonder if Mary Jane is ever going to find love? Will she ever marry? And whether most importantly what is going to happen nieci. I have been left with such a big appetite for the next season.

Mara Brok Akil is a brilliant writer, and a very attractive women, she is what you call beauty with brains, when looking at the role of Mary Jane one can see the similarities between her and the role has created, it is as if you would say she is telling her life story. But there is no proof of that, therefore the role of Mary Jane continues to be seen as fiction.

But the truth of the matter is that most women these days out there are Mary Janes, single successful, can’t find love, taking care of their families, figuring out who they are, and making sure that they don’t settle for less, when it comes to the men they choose to be with. Personally I Yearn to be as Successful as Mary Jane, but without the single part, because that seems to be the only thing that complicates her life.

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