All roads lead to Durban July 2016

The Fashion Was as always Out of the Box.

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This is an event where people come dressed up, only to watch a horse race where only a few participate in gambling in. This is the coolest weekend in Durban, most people come only for the party life and nothing more, the party line up starts from Friday right through till Sunday.

Celebrities are invited, only to come dressed up, take pictures, network, and just be at the event, commoners, buy the expensive ticket only to go and have the experience of feeling like a celebrity at the actual event. And the rich people come there to gamble on horse racing.

The other reason that other people come to the Durban July is to only criticize, who wore, what wrong, who should’ve just stayed at home, and those with beef use it a platform to compete by boasting about how much money they spent, which girl they came with and who’s bill they are paying for, who for me are people who never really enjoy the event.

This tradition and truth is there is nothing wrong with it, it is a culture we South Africans have adopted, and truth is, it hurts no one, it is like Christmas in July. I wish to attend tis event one day, it is a dream for me, and on that day it must be a matter of me being a celebrity invited to the Durban July, that would really be nice, and the plan is to obviously win best dressed.





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