Public Relations: How to Market via direct Mail;”Diggy Mobile”


The Small Business Encyclopedia  (2015) defines Direct Mail Marketing, as a Marketing effort that uses a mail service to deliver a promotional printed piece to your target audience. Direct mail encompasses a wide variety of Marketing materials, including brochures, catalogs, postcards, newsletters, and sales letters. Major corporations know that direct mail advertising is one of the most effective and profitable ways to reach out to new and existing clients (Skinner, Mersham & Benecke, 2013:189).  The older generation still enjoys sending and receiving mail, there is still a sentimental feeling towards receiving a personally written message in the mail. In this essay direct mail Marketing will be discussed as be as a Public relations Marketing tool for Diggy Mobile.

Lets say a company called “Diggy mobile”  that is a new network provider that was established in 2013 in South Africa, it offers its clients with services such as airtime, internet data bundles, and other services. And now Diggy mobile is facing a high competitive market in the telecommunications industry, thus it is failing to attract new clients which results in its revenue decline. Diggy mobile has decided to use direct mail Marketing as a public relations tool to attract new clients. In order for a direct mail Marketing campaign to be effective the following must be implemented:

The Right Objective

The direct mail Marketing campaign for Diggy Mobile must have the right objective, without any objective there will be no yard stick in which to measure the direct mails success.  When the objective of Diggy mobile is clear every element in the direct mail package must lead the recipient towards the action which is for the recipient; to purchase and use Diggy mobile as their mobile network. With the right objective will lead to the next action which, is to have the right mailing package.

The right mailing package

With the right mailing package the envelope is the most important aspect. The envelope increases the chances of getting the reader to open the envelope and read the contents (Skinner, Mersham, and Benecke 2013:180). The more appealing the envelope is to the reader, the more beneficial the result for Diggy mobile. For example Diggy mobile could offer a voucher worth of a substantial amount of air time for every client that joins Diggy mobile, there for the envelope could have smaller sticker written “Free airtime!” this will definitely alarm the reader to want to read the content inside the envelope.

The next item is the letter; the letter delivers the message to the reader (Experian, 2015). This represents who and what Diggy Mobile is, why Diggy mobile is more affordable than its competing providers, special benefits such as  low data bundle rates, longer off-peak hours for clients, the free airtime voucher that is advertised on the envelope and other services that Diggy Mobile offers such as less data rates resulting in more voice call airtime availability.

Having a great design that stands out and also works to reinforce the message of Diggy Mobile is essential for the success of this direct mail. The visual reinforcement of the message must show Diggy mobile’s services in detail and it must expand on the benefits of use of Diggy mobile (Skinner, Mersham & Benecke,2013:190). It will also illustrate the service and value to the reader. It will entail details such as airtime rates for example R1:00, R15:00, R25:00, R80:00 airtime rates and price of bundles, R30:00- 200MB. And state that sim cards are free for a certain period of promotion.

Every Direct mail must have a “call to action” this is to drive the reader of the mail to act on the recipient of the mailing, the more options Diggy Mobile offers the audience;  the better the chances of receiving replies. The response channel will be used as a way to capture information about customers; here Diggy Mobile will include a competition where customers must fill in information about them to enter

(Oliveira, 2014). Here Diggy Mobile’s customer care number will be included with physical and postal address to its various stores, Diggy Mobiles website address ( and an email address. The next factor is the right list of the target.

The Right List

This is where Diggy Mobile will define its target market. This must be done precisely. Precise target Marketing will improve the response rates and the return on investments for Diggy Mobile. Not all customers are the same or in the target market of Diggy mobile rather than sending direct mail to the entire customer base; Diggy Mobile will identify specific customer groups and target accordingly. The right list for Diggy mobile to use will be based on demographics; the Age preferably 13-55 which are people who use cell phones, the occupation of the customer are they employed , scholars, students or unemployed, the income group (who of the target market gets income) and their geographic, where the customers live. This information will be Diggy mobile to know which exact areas to send the direct mail (Oliveira, 2014).

The Right Offer

The offer made by Diggy mobile needs to be carefully thought out, and matched as closely as possible to the interests, needs, and motivation. This is where the value or benefit of using Diggy Mobile is emphasised (Klein, 2010). The right offer that makes Diggy mobile more valuable to its customers are the following; lower data bundle rates, longer Off-Peak hours and monthly competitions where cool prizes like smart phones can be won.

The right Copy

This copy will grab the readers’ attention from the very first glance, it will arouse readers’ interest, than develop that interest into a strong desire, and then that desire will result into the desired action by the reader which is to subscribe to Diggy Mobile. This letter will be written from the readers point of view, the sentences will be short, active words and one-syllable words will be used, and it will be written to achieve its goal, with all the information  needed (Skinner, Mersham, Benecke, 2013:191).

The Right Graphics

Diggy Mobiles direct mail needs to constitute exceptional product design create leading-edge ideas that better engage with the target audiences. This letter will get

Diggy Mobile noticed by being formatted in a innovative and attention-grabbing (Quad Graphics, 2014).Diggy Mobile will hire professional Direct Mail Graphic designers that will ensure that the direct mail will represent Diggy Mobile, from format to colour and other aspects such as logo etc.

The Right Test

This campaign will give Diggy Mobile the opportunity to find out the best audience for Diggy Mobile, and which offers generate the greatest response. The testing will be conducted from the information gathered from responses of readers who entered the Diggy Mobile competition, and also from recording the number of marked sim cards that were activated by the readers (Oliveira, 2014).

The Right Analysis

This is when Diggy Mobile will measure the success of the campaign (Oliveira, 2014). The analysis that will be used to measure the success of this direct mailing will be the return on investment, the number of new clientele that Diggy Mobile acquired and  the number of clients that were active on the competitions. Also the time frame of the clients that have joined Diggy Mobile due to this Campaign, this will measure the clients loyalty.

The Right Frequency and Priority

Since Diggy Mobile wants to preserve loyalty from their clients and ensure that new clients are attracted frequently, this campaign will have to continue for every 3 months. This will help the customers of Diggy Mobile to feel that they get more value and more free bees when using this mobile network, which will result in customer loyalty. And also it will attract the readers who haven’t joined from the first campaign as they will see that with Diggy Mobile they get more benefits than with their current network provider.


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