Life After Varsity For the LIONESS


I have not necessarily planned, anything yet, but one thing I know is that I need to find a job. I was never ready for this, I wanted it so badly but I never planned for it. It has been a very joyful, tearful, fun journey, and I have had a lot of memorable moments, some that I wish to relive and some that I prefer to forget.

My Pre-degree year was the most awesome with a lot of time on my hands to party and go out really enjoy varisty life, than my second year was filled with a lot of adjustments, as I had to learn how to get serious as I was now in varsity, my second year was a bliss, a few mishaps there and there but it was well.


Now My third year was the hardest, and only because I was lazy, and had the concept that the year was long so I  took my time, relaxed, and missed a lot of deadlines. But I did kind off make it, as most my work is done, and now I just have to prepare for two exams, and My internship.

What I also plan to do next year is to start chasing after my  passion for drama and dance.





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