Proudly African: Heritage Day


This heritage day was the best I had in so many years, actually the last time I enjoyed my Heritage day was in primary school in 2007 when I received a best dressed award. It was an honor I will never forget now.  Now 9 years later I mark another honor on this day.

Well I didn’t have much to do that day, since it was a Saturday, I basically spent it with my mom in the house, what we did was cook a traditional meal that is loved by every one in the family, which is Samp and Mogodu, my brother and his friends just had a mini braai outside on the lawn, which was quite fun, because he was playing Mbaxanga music (Zulu traditional music).

We ate the traditional meal in the afternoon, and the braai meat in the evening for supper with pap and chakalaka. because I had already worn my cultural dress on Friday at the campus Cultural celebration. I really enjoyed myself as we were just having family time, no family politics, just fun and culture.

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The Campus celebration was also a highlight because I was a host of the event, and I had fun doing what I love. On Sunday I went to church in my zulu atire and people kept on telling me how pretty I looked.



Smoke N Bubbles

Official Smoke N Bubbles Invite
Official Smoke N Bubbles Invite

Smoke N Bubbles is a nightlife event hosted by BlaQwide Liquids, where the main theme is smoke n bubbles creating a cool and fun atmosphere for its attendees. The first Smoke N Bubbles was hosted in 2014 at Musiq N Lights, being an attendee I must say it was #Lit and progressively last year was even better. A sneak peak on how it went down at the very first Smoke N Bubbles.

The very first Smoke N Bubbles
The very first Smoke N Bubbles

This year the aim is to reach new heights of fun, attract a bigger crowd, a whole new different venue and new partnerships with other youth companies such as YUNG APPAREL. The aim is to create a lifestyle that is modern and unique for all the “nocturnal” humans out there (those who enjoy the night life). The best part about this event is that it is also a great place to socialize, meet old friends, and make new friends while dancing the night away.



Smoke N Bubbles 2016 will be hosted at the Mandebi Chisanyama in Atteridgeville, on the 27th of August.


BlaQwide LiQuids is a company that offers mobile bar services, offering a wide range of cocktails, for functions, events and any kind of party. The best part is that it offers an experience of high life style at a very affordable price. And since they offer both virgin and non virgin cocktails, those who don’t drink alcohocan also have fun of their own.


BlaQwide LiQuids
BlaQwide LiQuids


This means that anyone can come to Smoke N Bubbles, alcohol friendly, or anti-alcohol, whether you prefer cocktails, beer vodka, cider, it will all be served. And obviously what is Smoke N Bubbles without the smoke, yes I’m talking about Hubbly Bubbly, there are no restictions, one can bring their own or hire one at the event, depending on what conveniences you.


Fun is never complete without food. Founded by four Lifestyle enthusiasts, ‪#‎StreetKitchenWithStunts‬  will be there to serve a delish menu of burgers, platters, folders, wraps, wings, and chips to satisfy your pallet Therefore all u will have to bring is yourself, and money to spend.

Street Kitchen With Stunts
Street Kitchen With Stunts









All roads lead to Durban July 2016

The Fashion Was as always Out of the Box.

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This is an event where people come dressed up, only to watch a horse race where only a few participate in gambling in. This is the coolest weekend in Durban, most people come only for the party life and nothing more, the party line up starts from Friday right through till Sunday.

Celebrities are invited, only to come dressed up, take pictures, network, and just be at the event, commoners, buy the expensive ticket only to go and have the experience of feeling like a celebrity at the actual event. And the rich people come there to gamble on horse racing.

The other reason that other people come to the Durban July is to only criticize, who wore, what wrong, who should’ve just stayed at home, and those with beef use it a platform to compete by boasting about how much money they spent, which girl they came with and who’s bill they are paying for, who for me are people who never really enjoy the event.

This tradition and truth is there is nothing wrong with it, it is a culture we South Africans have adopted, and truth is, it hurts no one, it is like Christmas in July. I wish to attend tis event one day, it is a dream for me, and on that day it must be a matter of me being a celebrity invited to the Durban July, that would really be nice, and the plan is to obviously win best dressed.





HOOD HOP: Atteridgeville

The previous week I was invited to an event in Atteridgeville (Pretoria) called Hood Hop, where aspiring hip hop musicians come in to perform their own music , in order to get exposure, promotion and awareness around Atteridgeville every Friday of month end, it has been around for almost 15 years now and it has been passed on from generation to generation.
This event is the best because this where the culture of hip hop is expressed, not just musically, but also in clothes, art, and poetry. The two founders of this event, just look over the success of their initiative, where they have a whole of team young individuals, who are responsible for the overall planning and execution of this event.
Spending my Friday night there was so interesting, I had so much fun, it was very hard to leave, because of the talent that was on stage, the vibe was just fun and the crowd was so accommodating, friendly and responsible.
I cant wait for the next Hood Hop at the end of the month.

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My Lit Weekend

I had one of the busiest weekend of my life, my Friday was dedicated to a high school friend;  we chilled and had a few drinks at #VintageCorner (A pub in Attradgeville, Pretoria), where a few drinks turned into a serious turn up till five in the morning Knowing very well I had to be ready by 10:00am  on Saturday for my Plus Size Audition for a company called #PlusFab.

Which was a very fun and learning experience, even though I did not make it, I learnt that I actually have the potential to be a plus size model, and that, there is a lot of good people out there, everyone was looking out for each other,  even though we were all in competition; we were all eager to help each other,  and calm each others nerves. After spending my whole day there, I went home, changed and went to a pool party in Midrand with old friends.

The party was so lit I regrettably couldn’t wake up for church on Sunday. Although later that night I went To the Soul Sessions (Where they play soulful music for the whole night, and came back Monday at 03:30am. I can never say that this weekend was chilled, it was too awesome.

So cheers to Good people, fun experiences and Lit Memories.


The top pictures were for my audition’s portfolio, and the bottom two are from Saturday at the pool party and Sunday night at the Soul Sessions.