YDE Fashion is Worth Dying For


The Young Designers emporium, is one of the stores in South Africa that makes me be proud to be a South African, a business that firstly creates employment for South African designers, and Secondly takes the fashion of South Africans to new levels, where even international designers become interested into SA fashion.This is a company that is really worth  exploring, learning more about, and supporting.The clothes from these stores are praised by many, people who purchase from YDE truly know fashion. And women would kill each other for items from this store. As seen in this following video, of one of the naked sales, from 2013.

So what is YDE?

In 1995, Paul Simon (age 21) started the very popular Young Designers Emporium (YDE). The retail store for fashion designers soon grew to 13 stores across South Africa. Ten years later, he sold his company to Truworths International for an undisclosed sum of green, and with that, became one of the country’s most inspiring entrepreneurial success stories (Ventureburn)

YDE was conceptualised as a means to showcase the local talent of South Africa’s clothing, footwear and accessory designers. YDE is created for young, trendy customers of both sexes, and offers original, sexy, chic, expressive, edgy, and exclusive designer clothing and accessories to customers who follow both local and international trends, but who are individualists who do not conform to set, or pre-defined, standards (About YDE, 2016).

YDE opened its stores with only 10 designers and currently houses in excess of 80 local fashion designers who supply YDE outlets nationwide. The aim of its business is to showcase the latest in South African fashion design. YDE works with a pool of very talented young South African designers where 95% of their merchandise is locally made (About YDE, 2016).

The categories of merchandise available within YDE stores comprise of clothing, footwear, bags, accessories and jewellery (About YDE, 2016).

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The Young Designers Emporium (YDE) showcases South Africa’s young, cutting-edge fashion talent. As an agent, YDE markets the clothing and lifestyle products of emerging designers and suppliers. The unique trading formula of YDE provides an exciting platform for young designers to present their own labelled ranges in a branded space. The emporiums are aimed at fashion-forward customers aged 16 to 35 and offer clothing, shoes, bags and accessories (Truworths, 20143:4).

With an independant stand-alone store concept of 18 stores, its brand profile is that of young men and ladies from 16-35 years of age. It has R278 miilion agency sales, and a sales growth of 3%, there is no denying its success in the  South African clothing industry (Truworths, 2014:4).