Lady Zamar: Mother of Melodies

Laddy Zamar is vocalist, song writer and entrepreneur, she is from a small township in Pretoria called Mamelodi which means mother of melodies. Her most trending song is Mother of Melodies which is her actual claim to fame in the SA music industry, she features her producers Junior Taurus and Odyssey in the song, who produces most of her current music.

Lady Zamar has worked with many house producers, and has her own kind of style in house music. Her lyrics are those of R&B and I must say her music touches many hearts. She is one of the few artists that produce real music, moves a person’s emotions. Her music is not just singalongs but music that tells a story, it takes a person to certain place.

Her love songs make a person mesmerize, it makes a person want to fall in love, or feel the emotion of being a break up, also it gives an experience of her life, in a way that you feel as if you know her. I’m so in love with her music, I feel its the kind of music that my grandfather would listen too, and call it good music.

I feel that she is one of the few artists that were blessed with the talent of music such as Whitney Houston. She is one of the few that make music that is timeless, and the best part is that she writes her own music, one would ask what is it about the men she meets, that inspire her so much.

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Lady Zamar to me is the Mother of Melodies, she writes true music with melodies that are out of this world, and I feel like she deserves a whole lot more recognition. I believe that she is going to achieve bigger things in her career, and she is going to blow up into a bigger star, I’m waiting till she gets in the write management that will build her career. She is truly from Mamelodi


Talent Or Trend

As soon as I saw this meme I was so excited and happy that I’m not the only youth concerned with the direction of music these days, I feel that music has taken a total 360 turn, and the problem is that; it is not for the better. when I listen to music that was made in the past I feel myself been taken to another place, I would feel as if I am in a whole new different universe it is always amazing, not just that; but music would give me meaning, it would heal me and would build me.

The music I hear today just encourages me to turn up. All it is, is a fashion, it is all about trends and its like a scientific experiment “monkey see, monkey do” #THEDAB I just hope it changes, I hope music revisits its old foot steps and finds its, TALENT, which is, its ROOT.


Divas In Music: Beyonce & Rihanna

These two ladies are inspiring queens of their time, each with a unique kingdom of their own. One is a sophisticated classy lady and the other is a bad girl. one could say that one is a women and one is a bad girl.


Beyonce is a sophisticated women who is married has a baby and is one of the richest women in the world. She is perceived as a goddess with most men and women see her as one of the most beautiful women in the world.  But it is not her looks that make her this loved, it is her talent and passion in her art. she is what you can call a true artist, she has a certain mark in her work that when she is part of something it is easy for anyone to notice and know that she had something to do with it.

With 8 albums, 38 wins and 99 albums, her hard work has truly paid off. Her family matters being properly being blinded from the eyes of the tabloids, showing that she does not use her life to achieve her goals, but rather her true talent. She is not only a great prestigious musician also a phenomenal actress, most have tried to shade (bad talk) her acting, but her acting awards and nominations have proven them wrong.

She is not just a star but a true inspiration to many people, most people wish to be like her, and some like me wish to achieve what she has. Not only as an artist but in any industry one could wish to achieve the platform that she has taken, given by no one but by earning it through hard work.


Rihanna is associated with the characteristics of being a bad girl through how she expresses  herself in her clothing, make up, hair, music, and her lifestyle itself. She is known for throwing the best new years eve parties, alcohol, drugs and Gothic style.  Although that is not the only reason why she is such a success, she also in her own lane of Queensland, is a great musician, her claim to fame was 2005; with her song Pon de Replay.

Her album was of a girl next door type of feel, than in 2007 she released her third album named ‘Good girl gone bad’, where she introduced her listeners, and the world to a new Rihanna, with her Gothic style and rock star kind of music. She made an excellent decision because this led her to new bigger achievements, that have made her the star that she is today.

Her relationship with Chris Brown, and the Abuse kept her name in the tabloids for a long time and gave her bigger opportunities. She is now also an inspiration to many women, showing that change is not always bad and it can make money, if you plan and do it right.

Both these women are self acclaimed, powerful and rich, they show that determination and hard work does pay off.

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