Easter, Fish? or EGGs?

20160327_105829[1]The social network was filled with a controversy, between Christians and non believers in Christ, to Christians like me this Easter weekend like any other was all about church, and fish.

I was happy with going to church  throughout the week in preparation for Good Friday and the Resurrection of Christ on Sunday. my Friday began with church , than a family braai after church where all my cousins and I met at my uncles house, Braaid a lot of Snoek fish and just had a good time together as peers. than on Saturday it was church again, this time from 6pm till 12pm where we begin the new year celebrating the resurrection of the son of men. than on Sunday I had the most special time, that is when one of my youngest cousin was getting baptised, I really enjoyed the ceremony, as I got a chance to renew my vows with God.

I feel that I am blessed to be a Christian because I had a sense of belonging this weekend unlike just eating Easter eggs and braaing meat like I do on any other weekend, I had a change of scenario, and a change of being, that builds me for the better every year.

I am 100% all for #EASTERFISH