Being Mary Jane: Fiction or Real

paleycentermediapresentspresentsexclusivetao7onofa_hxI’m on my last episode of Season 3 #BMJ I have enjoyed all three seasons, and as the plot gets deeper I’m so interested what is going to happen next, Being Mary Jane has been my daily bread lately, a series about, self acclaimed black American who works as a news anchor/journalist is a very interesting concept to work with.

Gabriela Union who plays Mary Jane is a very good actor and I feel like this role was specifically made for her, at some point I forget that Mary Jane is just not a real  women but just fiction, and Gabriela Union has her own life. But the way Mara Brock Akil (Writter of BMJ) has written this series, she has been so consistent, and never disappointing.

I’m Sure the cast are excited every day to walk in to the studio to shoot these episodes, I seriously cannot wait for Season four, I wonder if Mary Jane is ever going to find love? Will she ever marry? And whether most importantly what is going to happen nieci. I have been left with such a big appetite for the next season.

Mara Brok Akil is a brilliant writer, and a very attractive women, she is what you call beauty with brains, when looking at the role of Mary Jane one can see the similarities between her and the role has created, it is as if you would say she is telling her life story. But there is no proof of that, therefore the role of Mary Jane continues to be seen as fiction.

But the truth of the matter is that most women these days out there are Mary Janes, single successful, can’t find love, taking care of their families, figuring out who they are, and making sure that they don’t settle for less, when it comes to the men they choose to be with. Personally I Yearn to be as Successful as Mary Jane, but without the single part, because that seems to be the only thing that complicates her life.

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Will my life ever get back to normal? I was never big on series but OMG, now my life is incomplete without a series, it all began in 2013 when I first came across Suits, i binged on three full seasons in a week, I couldn’t believe that I never cared for hanging with my friends, all I wanted to do was to sit and watch, it is really cool being invited into a whole new world, and just feel as great, Intelligent, powerful, manipulative and achieving as Harvey Spectra and Micheal Ross. My life changed ever since.

There were some real life predicaments where I would apply some of their basic, easy tactics to get out of them, it was really fun but the problem is that I had forgotten to live, all I wanted to do was to eat and watch my series, but this was not healthy for me as I am a student, but it did work well during the holidays, the sad thing was that life was happening around me and I was not part of it, it was sad when I missed a cousin’s wedding all because I wanted to see what Harvey was going to do next.

But truth is this year, How To Get Away With murder, The Royals, Empire, Power and Devious Maids, have made me be so much more fascinated with life, by showing me how to think outside of the box, know who the real people are around me, be aware of my surroundings, and most importantly trust no one.

The basic truth is that,  series is not all bad, they do teach us about how to become better human beings, how to handle situations in life, by understanding different personalities, and how to manage them in a way that doesn’t harm you, or the next person, but yet again life will always surprise you.

So, dear series; please do continue to inspire, teach and entertain my life, But I will try to live more so that I can apply the lessons  you teach me in real life, and not just and watch, and do nothing with the knowledge that it adds to my life.

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