Proudly African: Heritage Day


This heritage day was the best I had in so many years, actually the last time I enjoyed my Heritage day was in primary school in 2007 when I received a best dressed award. It was an honor I will never forget now.  Now 9 years later I mark another honor on this day.

Well I didn’t have much to do that day, since it was a Saturday, I basically spent it with my mom in the house, what we did was cook a traditional meal that is loved by every one in the family, which is Samp and Mogodu, my brother and his friends just had a mini braai outside on the lawn, which was quite fun, because he was playing Mbaxanga music (Zulu traditional music).

We ate the traditional meal in the afternoon, and the braai meat in the evening for supper with pap and chakalaka. because I had already worn my cultural dress on Friday at the campus Cultural celebration. I really enjoyed myself as we were just having family time, no family politics, just fun and culture.

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The Campus celebration was also a highlight because I was a host of the event, and I had fun doing what I love. On Sunday I went to church in my zulu atire and people kept on telling me how pretty I looked.