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One the most assignments I had to do this year was my documentary, it was an experience I will never forget. it was draining, but it was worth it. I’m so proud of my work, thus I’m Sharring it.

The Poor Men’s Coke (CAT)


Pictures of the drug while a V/O explains CAT, than a video of a women holding it and talking (no sound), then pictures and gifs of young people partying. Then bobo a user of the drug explains why he loves and uses CAT.

Lesego sitting down, introduces himself, explain his addiction to the CAT drug. (Horizon) playing softly in the background. Psychologist Mercy Chauke is sitting on her couch giving a psychological perspective of the drug.

Lesego explains why he smoked CAT, referring to the night “party” life in the background. Lesego describes the effects that CAT had, on his body.  Lesego continues to talk about how much a gram of CAT cost, and how much he purchases in a week.

Shwii is a CAT dealer who makes a living out of selling the drug. He answers the questions of when he started selling CAT, how and where he gets his merchandise, and whether if he doesn’t feel compassion to the fact that CAT might destroy people’s lives. He continues to explain how much money makes and whether or not he has ever been arrested. Captain Mufamadi answers whether or not the police have made any arrests yet to people who are in possession of this drug.

Captain Mufamadi explains what they are doing to people who are selling and are in possession of this drug. Then he requests the community to report any selling of the drug, than Lesego gives advice against CAT.


1.   Angle

The angle of this documentary is set to focus on how CAT (Methcathinone, drug) is entering and achieving its market in the youth as a party drug, its effects on its users, and also how students use it as an energy booster while studying.

2.   Pitch

A drug that is sophisticated yet cheap, therefore taking over the night life, as it spreads all over the streets of Gauteng.  Where students rely on it as an energy supplement in order to get through the exams and tests, though do not realise how it is deadly. This documentary follows the life of two people, first a student that lost their career as a student; due to CAT, a young man who makes a living out of this drug, while consuming it himself; following on their experiences with this drug, and also seeing its impact in both their lives.

3.   Goal

The goal of this Documentary is to inform people about CAT, make them aware of its dangers, and how it has become a lifestyle for young people. This documentary will enlighten those who take this drug for granted to also see it as a faster route to Schizophrenia.

4.   Objectives

The first objective is to inform people on how CAT is made with dangerous ingredients, mixed to create this substance. Secondly to make people aware of how it is a trend in the lifestyle of the youth of this era, and to inform them on the process of its distribution.

Link to my Documentary, do enjoy.