#Banking On Social Media: Standard Bank& We Chat

Standard bank is being a first in its industry, in using social media to send money, this is a very cool and unique way of banking, never been done before, and has attracted the attention of many. This is one form of marketing that is award winning, and positions standard bank in a way that makes standard bank superior to its competition, in terms of technology.

It creates the reputation that Standard bank is definitely in Cline  with the times and it is going out of its way to ensure that creates the superior benefit it promises to its clients. As a client of standard bank, when I first saw this ad, I though that it was ridiculous, but now that my mom and I are finding it difficult to do the old way of depositing money, we have downloaded we chat and we are now using it to send money to each other.

I must say it is very convenient, especially in the night, because truth is; there are some situations where you need money at night and you can’t wait for the morning, so We Chat now makes it easy and urgent.

This is beneficial for both We Chat and Standard bank because, it brings We Chat more customers, such as my mum and I who downloaded the app because of this new method of banking. And now that banking can be cheaper and effortlesss, more people will want bank with such a forward bank.

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