Parliament is an Entertainment Channel


South African’s have found another channel to find laughter, humor, entertainment and reason for conversation, but no,  I’m not talking about comedy central. Ever since the last elections Parliament has become such a joke, ever since the EFF earned chairs, there has been drama, after drama in Parliament, the kind of drama that has given those who never cared about parliament reason to start watching it.

People don’t watch it only for the matter of just watching, to get a gag out of it. Personally I see this as a good thing as more South African’s will be making more informed decisions in their votes in August. EFF is definitely painting the walls of parliament red, literally and figuratively. There has been a few astonishing firsts for a democratic Parliament of South Africa, such as the fists thrown, having people being asked to leave parliament, before it is adjourned, and the direct disrespect towards the president.

It is a total joke. At first I thought it was irritating, but now I see the change it is bringing, more and more people are focused in the politics, and making well informed decisions regarding the situations of their own country, the EFF’s disruptions, through questions to the presidents, has opened the eyes of many, and is leading people to open up their eyes and see where the country is going.

The DA is also giving the ANC s tough challenge by questioning, commenting on the failures of the current government. To have found myself watching parliament was astonishing, as I never really cared for it, i only depended on the news to see what is happening, but not anymore, now my fellow students and I tune into the Parliament channel to see what’s next, nobody wants to hear from twitter what happened, we all want to see it when it first happens.

Issues of Parliament been shared on twitter has shown that more and more youths, have become interested in the politics of the country. This shows a promising future for the politics of the country. In the end the ridiculous scandals in parliament have not being all bad since a whole lot of positive outcomes have raised from them.

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